Monday, August 12, 2019

Satellite Pioneers to Speak at AMSAT Banquet

AMSAT's 50th anniversary Space Symposium will feature several pioneers of the amateur satellite program as banquet speakers, including former CQ Propagation Editor George Jacobs, W3ASK. George was part of the group that founded AMSAT in 1968 as a successor to the California-based Project OSCAR.

The AMSAT News Service reports that additional scheduled speakers include Lance Ginner, K6GSJ, an original member of the Project OSCAR team; AMSAT founding president Perry Klein, W3PK; Dr. Owen Mace and Richard Tonkin, both of whom helped build Australis-OSCAR-5 at the University of Melbourne; and Jan King, W3GEY, AO-5 Project Manager and a founding member of AMSAT.

The AMSAT Space Symposium and general meeting will be held in Arlington, Virginia, from October 18-20; the banquet will be on Saturday, the 19th. For more information, visit <>.