Monday, August 12, 2019

FT4 Released as "Finished Protocol" for Digital Contesting

FT4 "waterfall" (Images from WSJT-X website)
The latest "general availability" package of the WSJT-X digital mode suite – version 2.1.0 – was ARRL Letter also reports that the new package includes other bug fixes and general improvements, including an upgrade to FT8 waveform generation, improved user interface, rig control and contest logging features. As with other major updates to WSJT, users are strongly encouraged to install the new version and stop using previous ones, including "release candidate" versions. The new version of WSJT-X may be downloaded from <>, along with the user guide in several languages.

FT4 Activity Screen
released in mid-July and includes the new FT4 mode as "a finished protocol for HF contesting," according to the WSJT Development Group. The

On a related note, the ARRL reports that Logbook of the World has been updated to permit FT4 contacts to count for it Digital Worked All States award. According to the ARRL Letter, "(n)o additional endorsements are under consideration at this time."