Monday, August 12, 2019

ICQ Podcast "Airs" 300th Program

The British-based iCQ podcast recently reached a milestone, publishing its 300th biweekly podcast since its launch in 2008. Produced by the father-and-son team of Martin (M1MRB/W9ICQ) and Colin (M6BOY) Butler, the program began with a commitment to publish ten programs and "see if anyone was listening." That was 11 years and 300 programs ago. The program now has a team of nine hosts from the UK, Germany and the United States, and recently launched the "Homebrew Heroes Award" to recognize those who "help define the frontiers in amateur radio technology through the long-standing tradition of 'home brew' construction."

For more information on the iCQ podcast, visit <>; to learn more about the Homebrew Heroes Award, go to <>.