Monday, August 12, 2019

"Ham Radio" Magazine Co-Founder "Skip" Tenney, W1NLB, SK

Skip Tenney, W1NLB, and his dog, Popper, heading out
on Skip's motorcycle for their next adventure.
(Photo courtesy K1QX)
Thorvald "Skip" Tenney, W1NLB, became a Silent Key on August 4, after a period of declining health. In 1968, Tenney and Jim Fisk, W1DTY (SK), joined forces to publish Ham Radio magazine, the first magazine dedicated solely to state-of-the-art amateur radio articles. For 23 years, Ham Radio set the worldwide standard for amateur radio technology. 
Early in the '70s, Skip launched Ham Radio Report, written by Joe Schroeder, W9JUV (SK), which was a weekly newsletter that covered breaking news in the amateur business world, DX happenings and the latest news from the FCC. In 1978, reacting to growth in the amateur service, Ham Radio Publishing Group began publishing Ham Radio Horizons, which appealed to a broader base of amateur radio operators as well as old-timers looking for less complicated articles.

In June 1990, wanting to change gears, Skip sold Ham Radio Publishing Group to CQ Communications. In his retirement, Skip was a farmer in both Waistfield, Vermont, and Francestown, New Hampshire. His wife, Peg, passed away earlier this year.

- Tnx Craig Clark, K1QX