Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Hams in West Help in Rescues

A Nevada newspaper reported recently on several instances in which hams were instrumental in alerting authorities to people in trouble and helping guide them to the correct locations. The Minden Record-Courier highlighted a father-son team of Rick, KM6DYL, and Ryan, KM6DYO, Olson of Gardnerville, who responded to a call from a fellow ham whose car had gotten stuck in the backcountry and had a limited supply of food and water with him. Several other area hams helped as well.

In addition, the paper reported on the efforts of two hams – Eric Bero, KI7WHH, and Jim Sanders, AG6IF – to bring help to victims of a head-on motorcycle crash. One of the victims needed to be helicoptered to a hospital. It was noted that there was no cellphone coverage at the crash scene.