Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Opportunities for Multi-Multi Operations in the CQWW

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, two of the biggest U.S. competitors in the CQ World Wide DX Contest are taking a step back from their usual categories. CQ Contesting Editor Tim Shoppa, N3QE, reports that both K3LR and W3LPL have announced that they will not compete in the multi-operator/multi-transmitter (also known as multi-multi or M/M) category this year in either the SSB or CW weekends of the CQWW. Both stations plan to be on the air, but neither had announced its revised plans. This creates a new opportunity for other groups capable of mounting a COVID-safe M/M operation to compete in the category with an actual chance of winning! 

CQ recommends that multi-operator contesting at this time be limited to family units already living in the same house or remote operations in which each of the operators is in a different location. (We want you to have fun but also to be back next year!)