Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Hurricane Watch Net Prepares for Laura

 The following is from our friends at the Hurricane Watch Net. Please keep the net frequencies clear when thenet is active:

The Hurricane Watch Net will activate Wednesday morning at 8:00 AM CDT (1300 UTC) on our primary frequency of 14.325.00 MHz. Beginning at 4:00 PM CDT (2100 UTC), we will begin simultaneous operations on 7.268.00 MHz. Once activated, we will remain in continuous operation on both frequencies until the bands close. We will resume operations on those bands just as soon as propagation returns.

Once Laura has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm, we will focus on helping to gather any post-storm reports from the areas that had been hit. This includes the relaying of any emergency or priority traffic.

As always, we welcome your observed ground-truth data from those in the affected area. Information that the forecasters at the National Hurricane Center need includes Wind Speed, Wind Gust, Wind Direction, Barometric Pressure – if available, Rainfall, Damage, and Storm Surge. Measured weather data is always appreciated but we do accept estimated.

We are also available to provide backup communications to official agencies such as Emergency Operations Centers, Red Cross officials, and Storm Shelters in the affected area. We also collect and forward significant damage assessment data to FEMA officials stationed in the National Hurricane Center.

As always, we are praying and hoping for the best yet preparing for the worst.

Bobby Graves – KB5HAV
Net Manager
Hurricane Watch Net