Thursday, January 16, 2020

Air Force MARS Restructures

Air Force MARS regions are now
identified as "wings" and "states"
are now "groups," to better align
with the organizational structure of
the Air Force itself.
The U.S. Air Force branch of MARS, the Military Auxiliary Radio System, has realigned its organizational structure to more closely align with that of the Air Force itself. According to an AFMARS news release, previous "regions" are now "wings" and "states" are now "groups," matching the Air Force command structure.

In addition, according to the announcement, the change "moves away from an Amateur Radio volunteer-based network structure that aligned with FEMA and other civilian amateur radio groups to a more defined and structured military network of highly-trained radio operators capable of creating a high frequency network for the passing of encrypted radio traffic across the country." Additional information about Air Force MARS is available by calling 888-778-6277 (MARS).