Thursday, May 14, 2020

Garmin Wants to Add Iridium Satellite Module to MURS Radio

The ARRL Letter reports that the FCC is seeking public comment on a request by Garmin International for permission to include an emergency satellite communication module (regulated under Part 25 of the FCC rules) in a handheld Multi-Use Radio Service, or MURS, transceiver. MURS is regulated under Part 95 of the rules, which prohibit radios in that service from being ablt to transmit on frequencies of another service except for unlicensed Part 15 services.

Garmin is seeking permission to include a previously-certified Iridium satellite emergency transceiver in the radio. Users would need to subscribe to Iridium's service in order to use it. The company justifies the request as serving the public interest by allowing "emergency communications to the outside world at the push of a button." Comments are due by May 28, with reply comments open until June 13.