Thursday, May 14, 2020

DX Milestones Reached on UHF and VHF

The AMSAT News Service reports on the first-ever terrestrial transatlantic contact on 70 centimeters. It says that on April 7, Burt Demarcq, FG8OJ, in Guadeloupe, made a 432-MHz contact via FT8 with D4VHF, some 2400 miles away in Cape Verde. Last June, FG8OJ made the first non-satellite, non-moonbounce transatlantic contact on 2 meters, working D41CV along the same path. It is speculated that the contacts were made possible by marine ducting, in which signals are trapped close to the ocean's surface.
Path between FG8OJ and D43VHF
(From EI7GL website)

The same conditions the next day provided for a new transatlantic DX record on 2 meters, with D4VHF working PJ2BR on Curacao, also via FT8, at a distance of roughly 2950 miles, according to the ARRL Letter. D4VHF, by the way, is the VHF/UHF contest call of the Monteverde Contest Team, which is familiar to HF contesters as D4C.