Friday, October 11, 2019

4U1UN Making Progress Toward Return to Air

4U1UN's SteppIR
vertical on the roof
of United Nations
headquarters in
New York City.
(From 4U1UN Face-
book page)
Members of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council Amateur Radio Club, working with UN staff and administration, report making progress toward getting 4U1UN back on the air on a regular basis. The station lost its 41st-floor operating position as a result of a major renovation of the UN headquarters building several years ago. According to a post on the club's website, current plans call for the station to be remotely operated from a tiny room on the building's ground floor while the equipment is reinstalled on the 41st floor, with easy access to the roof for feedlines. Station configuration is continuing, the club says, with the hope of getting back on the air regularly "in the very near future."