Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Milestones: Senate Confirms Pai, Trachtenberg

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai
(FCC photo)
The U.S. Senate has confirmed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai for a second term as a commissioner, retroactive to last July, when his previous term technically expired. Had the Senate not acted on the nomination, he would have had to leave the Commission at the end of December. The vote was 52-41, with most of the "no" votes based on Pai's opposition to so-called "net neutrality" rules. Pai is also a strong proponent of broadcast radio.

The Senate also confirmed David Trachtenberg, N4WWL, as Principal Undersecretary of Defense for Policy. According to the ARRL Letter, Trachtenberg is also National Planning Coordinator and Northeast Division Director for U.S. Air Force MARS, and an active member of the Pentagon Amateur Radio Club. He owns a national security consulting firm called "Shortwaver Consulting," whose website – which says the company is "currently dormant" – explains that the name comes from Trachtenberg's early interest in shortwave broadcasting led him to his career in national security matters.