Monday, October 2, 2017

630/2200-Meter Bands Open for Amateur Use (With Strings Attached)

Chart in the June 2017 issue of CQ magazine
shows the new 2200 and 630-meter bands in
relation to nearby allocations.

Our long-promised new bands at 630 meters (472-479 kHz) and 2200 meters (135.7-137.8 kHz) are finally open for use by U.S. hams with General Class or higher licenses.

At least for now, these will be bands primarily for experimenters, as there are significant obstacles to getting a station set up and on the air, including a requirement for prior approval by the electric power industry.

For additional information, see our updates here in the CQ Newsroom (scroll down), as well as a more detailed review of the FCC's Report and Order on pages 20-24 of our June issue.