Friday, October 6, 2017

Frank Perry Named CQ Advertising Manager

    (Hicksville, NY) October 6, 2017 – CQ magazine Publisher Dick Ross, K2MGA, today announced the appointment of Frank Perry of Wantagh, New York, as CQ's Advertising Manager, effective Monday, October 9, 2017.
A Marine Corps veteran, Perry has two decades of sales experience, mostly in the advertising industry itself. Among his goals is to grow CQ's advertising beyond its traditional base, raising the profiles of both CQ and amateur radio itself in the process. "I hope to bring a new set of advertisers and awareness to CQ and the amateur radio world," he says, while continuing to help our longtime advertisers communicate most effectively with CQ readers.

"Frank has spent the last 20 years selling advertising to the advertising industry," notes Ross, "so he is on top of all the latest trends and techniques to most effectively connect merchants and manufacturers with current and prospective customers, using a blend of print advertising, digital advertising and social media."

A traveler and photographer, as well as dog lover and gardener, Perry says he is looking forward to learning about the amateur radio hobby and industry, explaining that he wants "to learn more about something I'm not that knowledgeable about and have that enthusiasm move me forward."