Monday, May 1, 2017

Midway and Kure Islands Deleted from DXCC List

The ARRL has deleted two Pacific islands from its list of "DX entities" that count toward the DXCC award and others that are based on the DXCC list. According to the ARRL, the decision is an unintended consequence of last year's expansion of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument to include the northwestern Hawaiian islands west of Ni'ihau, including Midway. That portion of the monument is now administered by the State of Hawaii. 

Until this change in status, Midway had separate administration – making it eligible for DXCC status – and Kure, previously under Hawaiian administration, was separated from the rest of the state by Midway, giving it separate DXCC status. With Midway now under Hawaiian administration, it no longer qualifies as a distinct entity, and Kure is no longer separated from the rest of Hawaii by a different DX entity. Both islands now count as part of Hawaii, with the change retroactive to August 26, 2016, the date the changes in governance took effect. Both islands are accessible only by permission.