Friday, June 21, 2013

ARRL: FCC's Proposal for 5 GHz Band is "Premature"

The ARRL says the FCC is acting too hastily in proposing to include 5.85-5.925 GHz in new bands available for high-speed wireless devices (the so-called Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure, or U-NII). Amateur radio has a secondary allocation from 5.65-5.925 GHz. 

According to the League's filing, Congress ordered the FCC in 2012 to authorize U-NII use from 5.35-5.47 GHz, but was under no obligation to include the additional band segment in its proceeding, ET Docket 13-49. The ARRL's comments called that portion of the FCC's proposal "premature," noting that amateurs have already had to deal with an "overlay" of Dedicated Short Range Communications systems used by vehicles and that time is needed for compatibility analysis before adding U-NII use to the mix.