Thursday, January 24, 2013

6-Meter Beacon from Antarctica?

An Australian ham who's spending a year working in Antarctica is planning to put a 6-meter beacon on the air as well as operating HF and satellites. 
Mid-summer at Australia's Mawson Station in Antarctica.
VK6JJJ plans to operate from there for the next year, and
to set up a 6-meter beacon as well.
(Australian government webcam photo)

The AMSAT News Service says Craig Hayhow, VK6JJJ, will be working at the Australian Antarctic Territory station at Mawson, and will be operating ham radio in his spare time at VK0JJJ. He is expected to arrive on February 10. 

The 6-meter beacon, VK0RTM, would be used to test propagation from Antarctica on the "magic band."