Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Cass Awards Go to SP9FIH and TY0RU

Six-time individual Cass Award
winner SP9FIH. (Photo from
Cass Award website)
In an effort to encourage DXpeditions to work as many different stations as possible (as opposed to working the same stations on multiple bands and modes), Club Log, DXLab and the Northern California DX Club jointly award the Cass Awards each year to the single-operator and group DXpeditions which have worked the greatest number of unique call signs.

The sponsors report that the 2022 single-op winner, for the sixth year in a row, is Janusz Wegryzn, SP9FIH, who worked 10,771 different stations from St. Barthelemy Island during a two-week one-person DXpedition as FJ/SP9FIH.

The unlimited class, or group DXpedition, award for 2022 went to the team that operated TY0RU from Benin last October, contacting 33,553 unique call signs, a new record for the unlimited Cass award. 

The awards are named for the late Hugh Cassidy, WA6AUD, longtime publisher of the West Coast DX Bulletin. More information is available at <http://www.cassaward.com>.