Friday, January 13, 2023

COVID’s Continuing Toll - Mourning Two Members of the CQ Family  

The pandemic may have quieted down, but COVID-19 continues to exact a toll, including the recent passing of two members of the CQ “family,” one of whom may be familiar to you and the other whose work may be familiar even though his role here was always behind the scenes. Both succumbed to complications of the COVID virus.

Alfred “Fred” Laun, III, K3ZO
CQ Contest Hall of Famer and longtime member of the CQWW Contest Committee Alfred “Fred” Laun, III, K3ZO, became a Silent Key in early January at age 85. He was also a director of the YASME Foundation. Fred served for many years in the U.S. Foreign Service at posts around the world, at one time being kidnapped and shot by rebels in Argentina while serving as director of the USAID (Agency for International Development) program there.

CQ Illustrator Hal Keith
Closer to home, longtime CQ technical illustrator Hal Keith passed away in late December at age 88. You probably never saw his face in the magazine, but his work graced our pages for nearly 50 years! From 1973 until very recently, most schematic diagrams and other technical illustrations accompanying CQ articles were Hal’s handiwork, as he transformed authors’ often-hand-drawn circuit diagrams into professionally laid-out schematics. While electronics was not a particular interest of Hal’s, he was frequently able to catch errors or inconsistencies in schematics, and never hesitated to question anything that didn’t “look right.”Outside of his work, Hal was a voracious reader and loved going to book signings where he had a chance to meet various authors. He and his wife, Judy, also loved to travel and were planning another trip when he became ill.