Wednesday, April 27, 2022

New FCC License Fees Take Effect, Crash Licensing Computers

The new $35 fee for most amateur radio license applications (exceptions: license upgrades and administrative updates) took effect on April 19 and the updated software for processing batch applications from the volunteer examiner coordinators crashed within hours. According to the ARRL, the system was down for four days, going back online on April 23, but resulting in a backlog of unprocessed applications. The League says applicants should expect delays in normal FCC turnaround times.

A related item: The ARRL-VEC reports that the League's Youth Licensing Grant Program took effect along with the new fees on April 19. Under the program, ARRL will reimburse the $35 filing fee for successful new license candidates younger than age 18 for tests administered through the ARRL-VEC. The League has also reduced its exam fee for candidates under 18 from $15 to $5. Details may be found at <>.