Monday, January 31, 2022

The Shrinking 9-Centimeter Band - No Ham Activity on 3.45-3.5 GHz After April 14

The other shoe has dropped on the first part of the FCC's decision last year to reallocate the 9-centimeter band (3.3-3.5 GHz) for use by commercial 5G networks. Amateur radio currently has a secondary allocation on the band, but will not be permitted to operate on the 3.45-3.5-GHz segment after this coming April 14, according to the ARRL. 

The original FCC decision permitted continued operation there until 90 days after the publication date in the Federal Register of the auction results for this band segment. Those results were published on January 14.

The FCC has not yet finalized the transition of the 3.3-3.45-GHz band segment, and amateur operations may continue there on a secondary basis indefinitely. The ARRL is urging Congress to preserve amateur radio's secondary status on the band even after reallocation.