Tuesday, November 12, 2019

HuskySat-1 Launched to ISS

The HuskySat-1 satellite prior to launch
(University of Washington photo)
The University of Washington's HuskySat-1 satellite was launched to the International Space Station on November 2. It and one other satellite, SwampSat, are scheduled to be deployed from the space station on January 13, 2020. 

According to the AMSAT News Service, HuskySat is expected to operated its primary university research experiment for 30 days, after which control will be turned over to AMSAT, which will activate a 30-kHz wide linear transponder on 145/435 MHz for amateur radio SSB and CW communication.
The "footprint" of the geostationary
QO-100 satelliete (AMSAT UK map)

In other satellite news, hams in Spain are getting another year of permission to operate via the geostationary QO-100 amateur satellite. The special authorization was originally set to expire in late September of this year, according to Newsline, but the government granted an extension until December 26, 2020. QO-100 is the first amateur satellite in geostationary orbit, meaning that is appears to remain in one spot overhead at all times.