Wednesday, March 13, 2019

US Navy Looks to Ham Radio for Electronics Training

Two hams in the Naval Air Warfare Center are experimenting with using amateur radio licensing classes as part of their training programs for basic electronics and RF. Brian Hill, KF4CAM, is the center's lead instructor for electromagnetic maneuver warfare experimentation. He told the ARRL Letter that many of the center's new hires had computer science degrees but no experience or training in RF propagation, an essential element of their work.  So he decided to try a Technician licensing course as a more hands-on approach than sitting through hours of PowerPoint presentations. 

Hill started with funding for only 10 students, but Target Design Engineering Branch Head Ian Mann, KI6YVO, saw the benefits and got additional funding. Target Systems Division Head Milton Gabaldon sat in on the classes and now has a ham license as well. A total of 23 workers passed their Tech exams, with several qualifying for higher class licenses as well. Hill hopes to continue the program in the future.