Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Climb the Highest Mountain...

Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina and Chile is the highest peak
in the western hemisphere. It was activated for the Summits
On The Air (SOTA) program for the first time in February.
(Photo by Bjorn Christian Tørrissen, via Wikimedia Commons)
A Polish ham visiting Argentina has successfully activated the highest mountain peak in the western hemisphere for the Summits on the Air, or SOTA, program. 

According to Newsline, Tom Rudzinski, SQ9FVE, an experienced mountain climber, took nearly two weeks to climb Mount Aconcagua, a mountain in the Andes that rises to more than 6900 meters (22,638 feet) above sea level, including several stops to become acclimatized to the increasing altitude. The mountain straddles the border between Argentina and Chile, but the summit is in Argentina. 

Rudzinski got on the air from the summit as LU/SQ9FVE at 1747 UTC on February 16 and made five contacts, all on 2-meter FM, with a group of Argentinean SOTA "chasers."