Tuesday, November 6, 2018

FCC Slams NJ Ham With Big Fine for Unlicensed FM Broadcasting

It took more than three years, but the FCC on October 30 issued a Forfeiture Order on October 30 assessing a $25,000 fine against Winston Tulloch, KC2ALN, of Paterson, New Jersey. 

According to the FCC, Tulloch was operating an unlicensed FM broadcast station on 90.9 MHz, transmitting from different locations each time Commission field agents came to investigate. They determined on a final visit in 2017 that the station was no longer on the air.

The FCC says Tulloch never responded to violation notices mailed to him and even posted on the door of one location. There is no indication of what impact, if any, this matter may have on Tulloch's ability to renew his amateur license when it expires in 2026.