Sunday, August 5, 2018

RadioShack Express Products Coming to HobbyTown USA

HobbyTown will soon be carrying some RadioShack products
in all of its 150+ locations. (K0NEB photo))
If you live near a HobbyTown USA store, you should soon be able to purchase a variety of RadioShack products there. The Lincoln, Nebraska, based chain made a deal with RadioShack (which still has some 400 stores and an online presence) to open "RadioShack Express" locations in each of its 150+ stores. HobbyTown specializes in radio-controlled craft and accessories. The Lincoln Journal Star newspaper reported in mid-July that each HobbyTown franchise owner will decide which and how many RadioShack items to stock, and whether to also offer services, such as cellphone repair. 
The two HobbyTown locations in the company's home town of Lincoln were the first to begin selling RadioShack products, according to CQ Kit-Building Editor Joe Eisenberg, K0NEB, who also lives in Lincoln. Joe visited one store and took some photos of the early setup, in this case, primarily components, soldering irons and solder, project boxes and prototype boards. Joe will be covering this welcome news for kit-builders and homebrewers in his October column.