Friday, May 4, 2018

How to Get Licensed in Cambodia: Get a U.S. License First

Flag of Cambodia
(Courtesy CIA World Factbook)
We don't normally report on FCC license exam sessions, especially when there are only three candidates. But this session was held in Cambodia, which, according to the ARRL Letter, has no structure for granting amateur radio licenses to it citizens. People holding foreign licenses, however, may be granted reciprocal licenses and XU callsigns. 

In April, a VE team consisting of U.S.-licensed hams administered FCC license exams to three Cambodian nationals affiliated with the National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia. Two earned Technician Class licenses and one, a professor, went all the way to Extra Class. 

They will now be able to apply for reciprocal licenses in their own country. Examiner Mike Adams, KH0AS/XU7AJA, said he hopes this will help persuade government officials that there is a demand for amateur radio licenses among Cambodians.