Friday, May 4, 2018

A Really S-L-O-W Transatlantic Contact on 2200 Meters

In what is believed to be the first transatlantic contact on 2200 meters by a U.S. ham operating under
The shack at N1BUG
FCC Part 97 rules, Paul Kelley, N1BUG, made a successful two-way contact on 137 kHz with Chris Wilson, 2E0ILY, in the United Kingdom, in late March. The ARRL Letter reports that the two used a mode known as DFCW60, or dual-frequency CW, 60-second dit length, and that the contact took four nights to complete! Their exchange included complete call signs, signal reports and acknowledgements. Canadian hams, who had access to the band sooner than U.S. amateurs, have reported several transatlantic contacts in the past.