Tuesday, January 30, 2018

6 Meters, 160 and More in Germany

(Via Wikipedia)
Speaking of Germany, regulators there have extended the temporary authority of amateurs there to operate on 6 meters through 2018. In addition, according to Newsline, maximum allowable power on the portion of 160 meters between 1850 and 1890 kHz has been increased to 100 watts from 75; and contest operations by German hams are now permitted on 160 as well, but only on weekends and only between 1890 and 2000 kHz.

In addition, the German regulators are allowing Class E (Novice) licensees to operate through the end of 2018 on the 13- and 6-centimeter bands (2.4 and 5.6 GHz) with a maximum power of 5 watts PEP.