Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Moon Opera

The first successful decoding of an Earth-Moon-Earth (EME)
transmission using the Opera weak-signal digital mode.
(Courtesy EA5DOM)
The AMSAT News Service and the South African Radio League both report on a new moonbounce achievement by two amateurs in Spain – the first reception of signals off the moon using the "Opera" weak-signal mode. EA5DOM was listening for Opera signals transmitted by EA3HMJ. 

Initial tests on 1296 MHz resulted in a visible trace that was too weak to decode. That was followed by a successful decode on 70 MHz, the 4-meter band, which is available to hams in many parts of Europe and Africa. EA5DOM promised more tests but noted that "one decode was worth the effort." 

You can find out more about the Opera mode at <>
[Tnx Southgate AR News for the link].