Friday, March 3, 2017

EO-88 On Air With Message From Dubai's Ruler

Emirates-OSCAR 88 - the United Arab Emirates' first amateur radio satellite, is in orbit and on the air. Previously designated as Nayif-1, the nanosatellite was one of a record 104 satellites launched on a single rocket from India on February 15. 

The ARRL reports that it carries a FUNcube communication package which includes a dual-band linear transponder for SSB and CW (uplink 435.045-435.015 MHz; inverting downlink 142.960-145.990 MHz) as well as a telemetry transmitter on 145.940 MHz. 
Prior to beginning regular service, the satellite transmitted a pre-recorded message from Dubai's ruler and United Arab Emirates Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashad. The message, in Arabic, says, "The renaissance of peoples, nations and civilizations starts with education; and the future of nations starts at their schools."