Monday, May 12, 2014

VLF News from Canada and Down Under

Canada on May 1 opened 472-479 kHz to general amateur use, allowing any of that country's hams to operate on the 630-meter band. The move followed the grant of an experimental license last December to the Marconi Radio Club of Newfoundland. Radio Amateurs of Canada reports that it is a secondary allocation with a maximum power level of 5 watts EIRP.

How far can you talk on this band? The South African Radio League reports that on April 13, ZL1BPU in New Zealand (operating as ZL1EE) was heard in Western Australia by VK5ABN/8 (at a distance of 2100 miles) and then by VK6DZ, 3100 miles away. ZL1EE was using WSPR-2 with a 23-foot-high Marconi antenna.

Here in the US, several hams have been authorized to use the band under an experimental license, but the ARRL says the FCC has yet to act on its 2012 petition to allow all US hams on 630 meters.