Monday, May 12, 2014

"Last Man Standing" Renewed for 4th Season

Tim Allen stars as "Outdoor Man" Marketing Manager
and ham radio operator KA0XTT on the ABC-TV series,
"Last Man Standing," which has just been renewed for a
fourth season. (Courtesy "Last Man Standing")
"Last Man Standing," the ABC-TV comedy that stars Tim Allen as an outdoors store marketing manager who's also a ham, has been renewed for a fourth season, with 22 new episodes, according to Co-Executive Producer John Amodeo, NN6JA. 
Allen's character, Tim Baxter, has a ham station in his office as well as his basement, and it is often seen in the background. Amateur radio has played a significant role in two episodes so far. "Last Man Standing" airs Friday nights at 8 PM Eastern / 7 PM Central on ABC.