Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Tolerable" Interference Standards Studied

Should the federal government set specific interference rejection standards for receiver manufacturers?

It's a question the FCC considered, and decided against, back in the 1980s, when television interference (TVI) was still a major problem; and it's an issue that three separate federal panels have been studying for the past year and a half, looking at growing interference problems accompanying the staggering growth of wireless systems using frequencies shared with or adjacent to other services (including hams).

It looks like the FCC is headed down the same road it went down 30 years ago, with recommendations from its Technological Advisory Council (headed by Chairman-designate Tom Wheeler) to develop thresholds of "tolerable" interference for receivers rather than mandating specific interference-rejection standards. The FCC is seeking public comment. The docket number is ET 13-101, with a due date of June 21 and a reply deadline of July 8. Be sure to read the Public Notice and the underlying "white paper" before filing comments.