Thursday, May 23, 2013

European Hams Promote Amateur Radio in Tunisia

Representatives of two national amateur radio associations in Europe teamed up with Tunisia's amateur radio society to make a presentation about amateur radio to the North African country's Minister for Technology, Information and Communica

According to "Newsline," Mustapha Landoulsi, DL1BDF, representing Germany's Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC) and Stefan Dombrowski, ON6TI, from Belgium's UBA national association, met with the minister on World Amateur Radio Day, April 18, along with members of the Tunisian association. They described amateur radio's role in emergency and disaster communications as well as science and engineering education through the amateur satellite program. Reports indicated that the minister was quite impressed with amateur radio's potential and promised to start the wheels turning to permit the licensing of individual Tunisians. Current laws limit the issuance of amateur licenses to cultural and educational organizations.