Friday, March 22, 2013

Smartphone-based Ham Satellite Now in Orbit

Dr. Susan Jason works on the
STRaND-1 satellite.
(Courtesy AMSAT-UK website)
The University of Surrey - a pioneer in amateur radio satellite development in the United Kingdom (old-timers may recall the UoSat series) - has launched the UK's first cubesat, called STRaND-1. According to Newsline, the satellite is built around a Google Nexus One smartphone with an Android operating system. It carries an amateur radio packet downlink which transmits on 437.568 MHz. The purpose of the project was to demonstrate the feasibility of using a smartphone to control a spacecraft. Its signals were first heard in Sudan by Nader Omer, ST2NH, soon after its February 25th launch and deployment. Follow the mission online at <>.