Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hams Prepare as Hurricane Sandy Threatens Caribbean, US East Coast - Keep Frequencies Clear for Emergency Traffic

The Hurricane Watch Net (<>) has activated on 14.325 MHz as Hurricane Sandy churns through the Caribbean and continues to threaten the U.S. east coast. In addition, Arnie Coro, CO2KK, Emergency Coordinator for IARU Region II, Area C, informs us that hurricane nets in Cuba are active as the storm approaches.

"We have now, starting at 1600 UTC Oct 24 ,activated our Cuba emergency communications nets on 40 , 80 and 2 meters FM, they are on SSB voice HF and FM on 2 meters

Locations of Hurricane Sandy & Tropical Storm Tony as of
2015 UTC on October 24. Please keep emergency frequencies
clear as Hurricane Sandy poses a major threat to Caribbean
islands and a possible threat to the US east coast.
(NOAA satellite image)

Operating frequencies on 40 meters are:

7110 kHz primary
7120 kHz secondary
7045 kHz for Eastern Cuba provinces

The 80 meters frequencies are:
3740 kHz primary
3720 kHz secondary

Other 40 and 80 meters band frequencies using SSB voice  may be activated
as required by provincial emergency nets."
CO2KK requests that these frequencies be kept clear for emergency communications. This is particularly important with the CQWW DX SSB Contest this coming weekend.  Please monitor weather sources and keep these frequencies in mind if you are operating in the contest. Emergency communications always take priority over all other communications.