Wednesday, October 24, 2012

GRE Suspends Scanner Manufacturing; Alinco Unaffected

GRE America has announced that its parent company, General Research of Electronics of Japan, has been forced to temporarily suspend the manufacture of scanners for both its own GRECOM brand and for RadioShack. GRE America Sales Director Raj Gounder reported on the company's website that the shutdown is the result of the closure of its factory in China due to a redevelopment project in the area. A new factory was under construction but increased costs made it impossible to finish the building. Gounder says the company is working to establish a contract with a new factory and to resume manufacturing as soon as possible. 

Meanwhile, Gounder says GRE America will continue to market, support and service GRECOM scanners already built and will maintain its library database. In addition, he says there will be no impact on GRE America's marketing, service and support for Alinco amateur radio products in the U.S.