Saturday, March 12, 2011

'QUAKE UPDATE: Radio Amateurs Volunteering EmComm

According to Jim Linton, VK3PC, Chairman, IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Committee, and reported on the Southgate Amateur Radio Club website:

The Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL) Regional HQ station JA7RL is now involved in emergency communication to support rescue and disaster relief coordination using 7 MHz SSB, 144 MHz SSB/FM and 430 MHz SSB/FM.

Click here to hear JA1DOT on the air from Japan.

- 7.043 MHz is being used by JR3QHQ, the Osaka branch manager of JARL, gathering incident information on radio and forwarding it to the Internet.
7.075 MHz is occasionally operated by JL3YSP in Wakayama.
- 7.030 MHz is the JARL emergency communication frequency in its bandplan and is in use by JA7RL (JARL regional HQ station).

Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL) Secretary Ken Yamamoto, JA1CJP,  said the efforts being made are purely voluntary. No organized emergency communication has been arranged.

Caught up in the drama was IARU Regional 3 Chairman Michael Owen, VK3KI, who had earlier attended an IARU conference. He’s safe and well, and hopeful of being on a flight home.