Monday, August 28, 2023

Nets Ramp Up for Idalia

Projected path for tropical cyclone Idalia as of
2100 UTC August 28. (National Hurricane
Center map)
As the first tropical system expected to make landfall in the eastern United States this year gains strength in the western Caribbean and has its sights set on Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas, several ham radio emergency nets are preparing to activate.

The Hurricane Watch Net announced plans to activate as of 1200 UTC on Tuesday, August 29 on 14.325 MHz, shifting to 7.268 MHz at 2300 UTC. The net will remain active as long as the storm is a threat to land. The National Hurricane Center currently expects Idalia to cross the Florida peninsula and impact the Atlantic coastlines of Georgia and the Carolinas before heading out to sea. More detail on HWN operations may be found at

In addition to the Hurricane Watch Net, the VOipWX Net and Auxcomm USA will be listening for reports to be relayed to WX4NHC, the amateur station at the National Hurricane Center. Activity will be centered on the Echolink WXTalk conference server 7203 and Internet Relay Protocol 9219. Other internet-linked nets will be active as well. For more information, visit and/or