Monday, July 17, 2023

FCC Considering Proposal for New Commercial Use of HF Bands

As traditional users of the shortwave spectrum move their operations to satellites and the internet, a group of businesses in the financial sector is seeking to use HF for high-speed, high-power data transmissions. The ARRL reports that the "Shortwave Modernization Coalition" has petitioned the FCC for use of multiple frequencies between 2 and 25 MHz with power authorizations up to 20 kilowatts. 

While Newsline reports that the FCC says that the proposed uses would not impact spectrum used exclusively by amateur radio, maritime or aeronautical services, the ARRL points out that some requested frequencies are immediately adjacent to amateur bands, which could be affected by high-power digital signals. Comments are due by July 31, with reply comments open until August 15. The full petition may be found at <>.