Friday, October 14, 2022

Internet Archive Developing Digital Library of Amateur Radio and Communications

The Internet Archive has begun gathering materials for its new Digital Library of Amateur Radio and Communications (DLARC), an initiative funded by the Amateur Radio Digital Communications foundation (ARDC). 

According to Special Collections Program Manager Kay Savetz, K6KJN, the project is “looking for partners and contributors with troves of ham radio, amateur radio, and early digital communications related books, magazines, documents, catalogs, manuals, videos, software, personal archives, and other historical records collections, no matter how big or small. In addition to physical material to digitize, we are looking for podcasts, newsletters, video channels, and other digital content that can enrich the DLARC collections.”

Savetz explains that the library “will be a free online resource that combines archived digitized print materials, born-digital content, websites, oral histories, personal collections, and other related records and publications. The goals of the DLARC are to document the history of amateur radio and to provide freely available educational resources for researchers, students, and the general public.” For more information or to inquire about donating materials, contact Savetz at <>.