Wednesday, November 10, 2021

More Grants to More Groups…

Not to be outdone, the Yasme Foundation has awarded a grant to the Seychelles Amateur Radio Association "to establish a facility for the recently-formed … club," according to the group's website. The foundation had previously provided support for license exams and fees for eight club members The ARRL Letter reports that the club was formed in 2018. In addition, the foundation awarded its 2021 Yasme Excellence Award to Steve Babcock, VE6WZ, in recognition of "his contribution to the art of lowband antennas and remote operating" through "countless hours of instructional videos, for free, on his YouTube channel and QRZ.COM page."

Finally, Newsline reports that a newly-formed student radio club in India with 43 newly-licensed members is getting a new club station courtesy of the nearby Lamakaan Amateur Radio Club, whose vice president is Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE, the developer of the μBITX line of open-source HF SSB transceiver kits. The club station includes a μBITX transceiver, power supply, antenna and feedline.