Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Satellite Roundup

 Still speaking of space… we have several satellite news items for you …

MO-112 Satellite overlaid on
image of SpaceX Cargo Dragon
launch in early June.
(SpaceMauritius.com image)
The first amateur satellite from Mauritius is in orbit and operating. MIR-SAT 1 was launched from the International Space Station on June 22 and has now been renamed MIRSAT-OSCAR 112. According to the AMSAT News Service, it carries a digipeater and a camera experiment. Details are available from <https://spacemauritius.com>.

Two satellites operating on amateur frequencies were launched June 30 as part of a multi-satellite launch aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9. One, from Kuwait, appears to be commercially-built, according to the AMSAT News Service, and the other was built by the University of the Mexican Army and Air Force.

Artist's conception of WISA
Woodsat satellite in orbit.
(European Space Agency image)
 Finally, a wooden cubesat called WISA Woodsat made a successful test flight into the stratosphere in June. The ARRL Letter reports that the plywood satellite, built by a Finnish wood company, was lifted 19 miles by a weather balloon, took selfie videos and parachuted back to Earth. An actual launch into orbit is planned, with the goal of collecting data on the behavior and durability of plywood in the space environment.