Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Israeli Hams Lose Microwave Spectrum

Amateurs in Israel are losing access to many allocations between 1 and 6 GHz or having band size and/or power levels reduced. The ARRL reports that country's Ministry of Communications issued a new amateur allocation document late last year outlining the changes. 

The 23-centimeter band was reduced in size from 60 MHz (1240-1300 MHz, same as the U.S. band) to 10 MHz (1260-1270 MHz) with a maximum power of 25 watts, available only to Class A licensees and only for satellite uplink.

The 9-centimeter band (3.4 GHz) was removed completely (and is being "sunsetted" in the U.S. to make room for 5G wireless). In addition, only satellite segments of the 5.6 GHz band remain open to hams, at greatly reduced power levels; and the maximum power allowed on the 10-GHz band has been reduced from 100 watts to 100 milliwatts. (As we have noted in CQ previously, we must make better use of our microwave allocations or risk losing them. The situation in Israel shows what could happen if we don’t. – ed.)