Friday, December 11, 2020

A Comeback for The Shack?

RadioShack has a new majority owner with big plans for the brand. According to a report in Forbes, Retail Ecommerce Ventures, or REV, has purchased a majority stake in the brand from the investment group that bought RadioShack after its second bankruptcy. REV is known for purchasing well-known but struggling (or bankrupt) brands and reinventing them online. Its recent purchases include Pier 1, Modell's Sporting Goods and Dressbarn. 

Despite closing most of its stores several years ago, RadioShack retains an online presence as well as a network of 500 independent dealers who license the RadioShack name. REV co-owner Tai Lopez said his company's plans include covering the broad spectrum of consumer electronic devices, including RadioShack-branded laptop computers and flat-screen TVs. There was no mention of the components and other building blocks of electronic projects that hams came to rely on, but the article said the new owners hope to tap into "the do-it-yourself tech spirit" of today's young people, so maybe there's hope!