Friday, June 12, 2020

AMSAT's New Transponder Module Active on HO-107

HO-107 (University
of Washington photo)
Huskysat-OSCAR 107, a University of Washington cubesat now open for amateur use, is the first satellite to use AMSAT's new linear transponder module, or LTM. According to the AMSAT News Service, the module contains an inverting VHF/UHF transponder as well as an integrated telemetry beacon and command receiver. 

Component modules of the HO-107 satellite. The new
AMSAT linear transponder module is the third from the left.
(University of Washington HuskyLab illustration)
AMSAT built the radio equipment for the satellite, which spent its first three months of operation conducting its primary educational mission under an FCC Part 5 license. Once the experiments were concluded, the satellite was made available for ham communications.

AMSAT says the LTM is available for other educational cubesat missions as long as the sponsors are willing to turn the satellite over to amateur use once the primary mission is concluded.