Monday, May 13, 2019

ARRL to FCC: Ignore the QRM on Tech Enhancement

The ARRL has called on the FCC to disregard off-topic comments received in response to its 2018 proposal for enhanced HF privileges for Technician Class hams. In reply comments filed in late April, the ARRL Letter reports that the League noted that several comments related to other pending rulemaking proposals or dealt with privileges for other license classes. The "sole subject and intent" of its proposal, said the ARRL, is updating HF privileges for Technician Class licensees. The League's petition calls for limited voice privileges as well as RTTY/digital privileges for Techs on the 80, 40 and 15-meter bands, where Technicians already have CW privileges.

The reply comments also dismissed concerns expressed in some comments about increased interference potential due to an influx of Techs on HF digital modes, noting that "(i)t is improbable that all, or even a majority, of Technician licensees suddenly would develop a passion for the same digital technology." It also notes that many newer digital modes, such as FT8, are very spectrum-efficient and unlikely to result in broad-based interference.