Monday, February 11, 2019

Canadian Call Sign Tags Targeted by Thieves

Hams in Newfoundland are facing what the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) calls "a different kind of pirate radio situation." CBC News reports that several hams in and around the town of Corner Brook have had their call sign license plates stolen off their vehicles. One ham who was interviewed, Kody Gardner, VO1KJG, suspects it's the work of license plate collectors. 
So far, there have been no reports of
stolen call sign license plates in
Manitoba, but we don't have any VO1
tag photos in "The CQ Garage."
(Were they stolen, too??)

"There's a lot of plate collectors in Newfoundland and Labrador," Gardner told CBC News, "and these plates are fairly rare … So maybe to someone it might be worth a bit of money if they sell it online or something." It was noted that, in these cases, only the license plates were stolen, not any radio equipment that might have been in the vehicles.