Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Anniversary Awards and Activities Announced

WWV will celebrate a century of broadcasting later this year; AMSAT is celebrating its 50th anniversary of its founding, and the U.S. Islands Award program turns 25 in 2019. All three have special events and activities planned.
The Northern Colorado Amateur Radio Club, in conjunction with the WWV Centennial Celebration, is planning a 5-day special event operation between September 28 and October 2, with four HF stations operating simultaneously. Operators will be needed. An application form will be posted on the "operators" page of the <> website as of February 15.

The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation, better known as AMSAT, was founded in 1969. To mark its 50th anniversary, the organization is offering three anniversary awards, the Satellite Communications Achievement Award, the Satellite Friends of 50 Award, and AMSAT on HF 50th Anniversary Award. Details are on the AMSAT website at <>, and we will take a closer look in March CQ's Awards column.

Finally, "OTA" fans will want to learn about the special 25th anniversary award being offered by the US Islands Awards Program throughout 2019. According to the ARRL, chasers will need to contact and confirm 25 U.S. islands during the year, while activators will need to qualify or activate 25 islands. At least 15 of those contacts or activations must be new islands. See <> for details.